Future Leaders


Future Leaders is a program benefitting ASA Members by preparing the next generation of leaders to lead effectively within the next 5 – 10 years.  The meetings will provide an opportunity for future leaders to gain a well-rounded understanding of the construction industry while building a network of professional contacts in an organized curriculum format.  While developing skills not used in their current roles in a manner in which they can find and stretch themselves in non-work situations with an ability to make mistakes without fear of affecting their current job positions.


Each ASA Member company would pay $500.00 per person attending the Program to not only ensure each company is dedicated to the Young Leader consistently attending meetings, but also to fund the program while creating a budget for the group to manage.  When we are not able to provide free or sponsored events, cost will cover:

  • Cost of meals
  • Speakers – if we need to pay
  • Events – Social Team Building
  • Philanthropic endeavors


Contact Beverly Reynal at beverly@asa-northtexas.org or complete the ASA Future Leaders Application