Avoid the Train wreck . . . 

Business Practices Interchange

Not sure about the business practices of a prospective customer before submitting a bid? Well, stop bidding in the dark. ASA NT’s BPI sessions afford you the opportunity to exchange factual information about your customers and prospective customers before you submit your bid.

The information presented must be accurate, current, objective and first-hand.  The information is confidential and is to be used for credit and business purposes only.  Under no circumstances should this information be used to disparage or embarrass others or as a basis of gossip or street talk.

The extension of credit or the terms and conditions of bidding and contracting are questions to be determined by individual subcontractors or suppliers in accordance with their own independent business judgments.  No recommendations, suggestions or expressions advocating uniform, concerted or joint action of more than one participant or member are or shall be made or implied.  No participant or member in this meeting shall request, discuss or exchange information relating to another member of ASA.

***No “I heard”***No Opinions***Just the facts***

Owner / GC / Sub (ASA members excluded)*
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