ASA North Texas Chapter

Improving Industry Laws and Regulations

Educating Subcontractors and Suppliers

Offering Quality Member Services

Beneficial Business Practices Information

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What is ASA?

A unified, effective body working to improve the economic well-being of subcontractors/suppliers and alleviate problems affecting the Construction Industry.

A channel for the open exchange of information and viewpoints not only between subcontractor and supplier members, but also between subcontractors and general contractors, financial institutions, legislators, architects and engineers, and the vast array of government authorities who influence construction projects in the North Texas area.

  • Mission Statement

    ASA North Texas is THE ADVOCATE for the subcontractor & supplier community; promoting fair business practices through legislative influence and providing professional education and networking opportunities throughout the construction industry.

  • ASA Objectives

    • Improve Industry Laws and Regulations
    • Provide Educational Opportunities for Subcontractors and Suppliers
    • Offer Quality Member Services
    • Improve Job Safety and Working Conditions
    • Provide Beneficial Business Practices Information (BPI)
    • Represent Subcontractors and Suppliers throughout the Construction Industry