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 OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down, an annual event aimed at preventing falls in construction, was originally set to take place May 4 – 8. Like so many things, however, it was recently put on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic. OSHA will reschedule its stand-down week for later this year. In the meantime, ASA North Texas is excited to be part of a eight-organization alliance formed to highlight fall prevention in construction during the month of June. Thank you to the ASA Houston Chapter, ASA Houston Executive Director Brianna Wright and their Safety Committee for forming this alliance. Shout out for you putting this together so quickly. 

Throughout June, each organization will relay information and useful tools in an effort to increase awareness of fall hazards — and to stop fall fatalities and injuries in construction.

Watch your email and keep an eye on social media (#fallpreventioncampaign #fallpreventioninconstruction #fallpreventionforyourfamily) all month long for everything from informative safety videos, to Accessing Safety Knowledge (ASK) sheets, toolbox talks and information to keep your family safe.

June Fall Prevention Month Alliance Organizations
ASA-Houston Chapter
ASA-North Texas Chapter
ASA-San Antonio Chapter
ASA of Colorado
A of Arizona
ASA National Headquarters

AGC Houston Chapter

Colorado Safety Association

ASA-HC’s Safety committee developed a 20-minute presentation that can be watched all at once or in two 10-minute videos. The 20-minute version also comes in a PowerPoint format with or without the voice over (contact the office for the Power Point version). Additionally, we’ve gathered videos for toolbox talks on the Faces of Safety and four from MSA.

Compliments of 

ASA Houston Chapter, Safety Committee

Houston Fall Prevention Alliance (HFPA) Toolbox Talks

Download all HFPA Toolbox Talks HERE

Compliments of 

ASA Houston Chapter, Safety Committee

In conjunction with ASA-HC’s Commitment To Safety (CTS) program, our Safety Committee has designed a variety of downloadable safety signs for use on jobsites. Each sign comes in English and Spanish. Don’t see what you need? Please contact us to have it made

Danger Signs

Barricaded Area
Electrical Hazard 
Fall Protection 100 % Tie Off
Fall Protection Required Beyond This Point 
PPE Required 
Restricted Area
Working Overhead

Warning Signs
Laser in Use

COIVD-19 Signs (English only)
COVID-19 What You Need to Know Sign
COVID-19 Stop the Spread of Disease Sign
COVID-19 Social Distancing Sign  – Keep Distance Maintain 6 Feet
COVID-19 Social Distancing Sign – Social Distance Maintain 6 Feet 
COVID-19 Social Distancing Sign – Maintain Distance Keep 6 Feet
COVID-19 Social Distancing Sign – Stop Here Maintain 6 Feet
COVID-19 Keeping the Workplace Safe Sign
COVID-19 Hand Washing Sign

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